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FS-U2-Pro Purple

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FS-U2-Pro Purple

2 Ports PCI Express USB 3.0 Expansion Card


Max Speed: 5Gbps

Total Banwidth:5Gbps

USB Ports: 2X USB 3.0 Ports

Plug in Interface: PCI Express 2.0 X1 Interface

Power Supply: Feb Smart Self-Power Technology

Compatible PCs Type: Standard and Slim PCs

Compatible Device:Desktop PCs,Working Stations,NAS Systems

Compatible System:
1.Plug and Play on Windows 10,8.1,8(32/64bit) and Windows Server 2012,2012R2,2016,2019 2. Need to Install Driver on Windows XP, Vista,7(32/64bit) and Windows Server 2003,2003R2,2008,2008R2(32/64bit). 3.Works on most of Linus and Unix kernel.4.NOT for MAC OS.

Product Description

FebSmart FS-U2-Proallow users add2X USB 3.0 superspeed 5Gbps portson desktop computers for video, audio, photos or files transfer. Build inFebSmart Self-Powered Technologyfor HDD/SSD enclosure, VR sensors etc high power-consuming data devices. It also providesstable and fast connectionfor normal USB device which includes web cameras, USB hub, mice, keyboard, smart phone, video capture, KVM switch etc.It is alow cost and effectiveway to add USB 3.0 Ports on desktop PCs. Alladd-on USB portswill not use mother baord USB Main Lan speed,just anextra bandwidthby PCI Express oncomputers,serversorNASsystems.

Bullet Piont:

1. This FS-U2-Pro will add 2-USB 3.0 ports on your desktop computer by PCI Express(1X) slot.The super fast USB 3.0 ports will provide 5Gbps max data(total) transfer speed for video,audio,photos or files.

2.Build in FebSmart Self-Powered Technology: Users do not need to plug any additional power cable on board (only PCIe slot) and get each ports 2A (4A in total) max power supply for high power-consuming data device like Hard drive discs etc. Enjoy super easy installation with Plug & Play use.

3.Based on RENESAS NEC high performance chipset with more technology. 2X added power module provide 2X2 ampere current ensure adequate power supply for USB device.2X electric circuit protector and voltage stable capacitance protect data and device safety than ever.

4. Compatible System:1.Plug and Play on Windows 10,8.1,8(32/64bit) and Windows Server 2012,2012R2,2016,2019.2.Need to Install Driver on Windows XP,Vista,7(32/64bit) and Windows Server 2003,2003R2,2008,2008R2(32/64bit),NOT for MAC OS.Comply with PCI Express X1,X4,X8,X16 slot.

5. 1.This is PCIE to USB 3.0 card,do not use it on GPU risers.2.Buy with 30days money back, one year warranty, Lifetime tech support.  

What is FebSmartSelf-Powered technology?

FebSmart Self-Powered Technologyis a new solution to add more power supply on USB expansion cards.The old version PCI Express USB cards need toplug a power cablefrom desktop computers power control center.Even added on additional power,sometimes it still lack power when running few high power-consuming devices simultaneously such as hard drive disks.PCI Express Slot can provide75W max almost 12V/6.25Apower.We add avoltage transformeron USB cards get5V/15A max power.Then we addedpower modules on each USB portsdistribute current toeach port 5V/2A(NOT for Fast Charging ) max.Most of the high power-consuming devices just need 4~8W which means this USB expansion card can be running few thehigh power-consuming devicesimultaneously in high speed.Toprotect data device and users data ,we buildsafety electric circuit protectoron each each port.Do not worrydata loss or burning the data devicenow.Add super fastUSB 3.0 Controller Cardon PCs.ChooseMore Stable,Fast and Safe data Connectionwith FebSmart.

Product Advantage:

  • 1.Add2X Ports USB 3.0on desktop computer by PCI Express slot-Each port 5Gbps max datatransfer speed for fast connection.
  • 2.Bluid inFebSmart Self-Powered Technologyprovide sufficient power(4A max) supply for USB data device. Experience fast data transfer all the time. RunningHigh power-consuming device simultaneouslyin all USB ports now.
  • 3.Internal USB card from mother board though a PCI Express slot-Ensure stable connection,lost few data transfer speed. Do not have lost connection issue like external USB HUB does.
  • 4.Added on USB 3.0 card will not use CPU USB Main Lan,will just add1+ USB 3.0 lane 5Gbps bandwidthon mother board,willnot speed downtheUSB 3.0 main lane.

Package:1XFS-U2-Pro 1XUser Manual 1XMini CD 1x Mounting Screw 1X Low Profile Bracket         

Email us: support@febsmart.com