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VER006C Black 2PCS

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VER006C Black 2PCS

Input : PCI Express X1

Output:PCI Express X16

Power Supply: SATA to 6Pin Power

Extension Method: USB 3.0

Usage: GPU Minner Or Exten PCIe X1 to X16 slot

Product Description:

Feb Smart VER006C high performance PCI Express Riser is special designed for Bitcion and Ethereum Mining Rigs.It is a Safe and Reliable way to extend mother board PCIE X1 slot to PCI Express X16 slot.The extended PCIE X16 slot will light up more PCIE X16 heavy GPUs.This GPU riser also designed 6Pin to SATA power cable will help users easy to pick up power from PSU.

Tech Specs:

1.The PCIE X1 gold plate contracts provide stable and fast connection,synchronize PCIE signal instantly.

2.The 23.6in/60cm fully shielded USB 3.0 PCIE signal extension cable provide super fast and 5Gbps data transfer speed.

3.The 15Pin SATA to 6Pin GPU power supply cable make sure miner rig GPUs easy to get adequate current,runs in full speed.

4.The 3X high quality solid capacitors can stable voltage and current ensure miner GPUs works in stable condition.

5.The Electric circuit protector protect GPU rigs away from overcurrent,overheat or overvoltage.

What is PCI Express Riser ?

PCI Express riser is also called as GPU riser or PCIE extension cable.It converts PCI Express X1 slot from the mother board to external PCI Express X16 slot. The extended PCIE X16 slot is mainly used on BTC/ETH etc GPU Mining rigs. FebSmart PCIE risers packed with 6 Pin power cable and USB 3.0 PCIE signal sync cable.The SATA to 6Ppin power cable will help users easy to get power for GPUs. The USB 3.0 extebsion cables will makesure mining rigs GPUs easy placement and works in super speed,help users get much more Flexible GPU connection.

FebSmart PCIE Signal Power Solution:

As we all knows PCIE signal need 3.3V voltage for GPUs and other IO device. The PCIE riser adapter will pick up 12V power from PSU by packed 6PIN to SATA power cable.Here we designed two step voltage conversion to extend pcie riser working life. Firstly,the on-board voltage coversion chip will pick up 12V power from PSU and convert to 5V.Secondly,then we designed the voltage control circuit,adjust the 5V voltage to 3.3V and get the 3.3V target voltage.In this way the PCIE riser will consume little power than normal design.It is will save more users power.


2X PCI Express Riser Boards,2X 23.6in/60cm USB 3.0 Extension cables,2X 15Pin SATA to 6Pin Power Cables,2X PCI Express X1 Gold Plate Contracts         

Email us: support@febsmart.com